Registration (deadline June 15, 2022)

 Classes: Pro, Amateur and New Generation (<14years)


 Round 1: Deadline 25th of June, 2022

 Submit your 1:43 minutes video (editing allowed; see details below)


 Round 2: Deadline August 25, 2022

Submit your 1:43 minutes video (single clip-  
no editing allowed)


6 judges will independently vote for their top riders

Best combined scores from both rounds wins!!!


Pro Purse Prize of $1500! 

Top 3 riders from each class will receive a prize package from our sponsors



 3 Wild Card prize packages to be won!

(randomly selected from the riders who did not win a prize package; one winner from each class)


Top 3 riders from each class will be featured in the official FlatQueens edit. 



Film your video in high resolution/best possible quality. You have 1:43 minutes. For round 1 you are allowed to edit your video. This means you can film your combos on different days and put your clips together in a final video. It will NOT be about having the best edited video - keep it simple. For round 2 we ask you to send us a single clip that is unedited (like a contest run).

Best combined scores from both rounds wins!

Please also don't add any music and don't post it on social media before we announce the winners. Also, please keep your original footage (non-edited version) in case you are one of the top riders to be featured in the FlatQueens video.

Submit your video to using wetransfer or any other platform allowing to send large sized files. 

A panel of 6 judges will decide which riders will qualify for round 2, and rank each rider in the final round.   

Judging Criteria

Judges will take into account the difficulty, variety, consistency, and the creativity of your tricks, as well as your flow or style. Otherwise just show us how much fun you have riding your bike doing your tricks and combos. 

The quality of your editing skills will not be judged - so please don't lose any time for this and rather enjoy the time on your bike.